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About St Thomas Hospital

St Thomas Hospital stands proudly as Malta’s premier private healthcare institution.

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St Thomas hospital

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St Thomas Hospital stands proudly as Malta’s premier private healthcare institution. Nestled in the heart of Malta, we are dedicated to providing a harmonious blend of professional excellence and cutting-edge medical technologies.

Our commitment to unparalleled patient care and our rich legacy of medical excellence is a testament to our continuous pursuit of innovation and the betterment of healthcare standards in the country.

Our Values

Our Values

St Thomas Hospital, located in Malta, stands for unwavering dedication to personalised patient care, and significant strides in modern medical advancements.

Pioneering Patient-Centric Design

Reimagining healthcare spaces, our design prioritises patient comfort, ensuring a serene healing environment.

Advanced Medical Technology

Home to cutting-edge equipment, we offer diagnostic and treatment options that set industry benchmarks.

Personalised Patient Care

Our patients are not a number in a busy waiting room. We tailor diagnostic and treatment plans to each individual, ensuring optimal health outcomes.

St Thomas hospital

Quality healthcare is our focus

At St Thomas Hospital, our primary objective is the well-being and comfort of our patients. We strive to redefine the conventional hospital experience, ensuring that every individual feels at ease, understood, and valued during their time with us.

Beyond the walls and infrastructure, our dedication shines through our actions. We channel significant resources into acquiring the finest medical equipment, handpicking dedicated people and facilitating advanced training for our staff. This ensures that every patient benefits from the pinnacle of medical care, delivered with compassion and expertise.


Our History

St Thomas Hospital’s legacy began with a vision to revolutionise Malta’s healthcare landscape.

Our esteemed founder, a distinguished consultant nephrologist, not only introduced his specialised expertise to Malta but also established the nation’s first nephrology department. His pioneering spirit further led to the creation of Malta’s first renal transplantation service.

This transformative initiative has since facilitated hundreds of renal transplants, marking significant milestones in Malta’s medical history and laying the foundation for our hospital’s establishment.

A look inside the hospital

Why choose st Thomas hospital?

At St. Thomas Hospital, all our units are specialised, backed by experts and professionals, thus ensuring personalised care, precise results, and a seamless patient experience.

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