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Echocardiography Services

Experience top-quality heart assessment with St Thomas Hospital's diagnostic Echocardiography service, featuring state-of-the-art cardiovascular ultrasound technology.

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Precise Heart Evaluation.

St Thomas hospitals State of the art Echocardiography ultrasounds assess heart and valve functionality, empowering consultants to identify potential damage from heart attacks or other conditions affecting heart performance, including heart defects.


What should I Expect during an Echocardiogram?

The most commonly used echocardiogram resembles an ultrasound scan used during pregnancy.

During the procedure, you will be asked to lie on your left side while a gel is applied to your chest. A cardiologist will then place an ultrasound probe above your heart, which sends sound waves through your chest.

These sound waves bounce back off the structures of your heart, producing a real-time moving image that the specialist can use for interpretation and to obtain accurate measurements. This imaging technology allows for non-invasive and accurate diagnosis of various heart conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Echocardiography

Should I get an Echocardiogram?

If you wish to simply assess your general health or if you have experienced symptoms such as:

  • Chest pain,
  • shortness of breath,
  • unexplained fatigue,
  • abnormal heart rhythms

undergoing an echo can help pinpoint the underlying issue. Moreover, this imaging technique can also be valuable for patients with a family history of heart disease or those with known risk factors, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity.

How do I prepare myself for an Echo?

No preparation is usually required. Your cardiologist will explain the process and answer any question you may have.

Are there any risks associated with Echocardiography?

No, in fact it is one of the benefits of having an Echo. It is a safe, non-invasive procedure with no risks. It does not involve radiation, and there are no known side effects.

Are there different types of echocardiograms?

Yes there are three main types of echo:

  1. Transthoracic Echo – is the most common type of echo were an ultrasound probe is placed on your chest and your heart checked.
  2. Stress Echo – The procedure involves the patient using a treadmill to elevate the heart rate, during which time your cardiologist will take images
  3. Transesophageal echo – the most invasive type of echo, this involves introducing a special, thin ultrasound probe down the throat to examine the heart through the oesophagus.

Why choose St Thomas ?

We operate with the highest standards in Cardio-radiology, employing a team of expert cardiologists and radiologists dedicated to the care of a very small number of patients, allowing us to focus more on you. We constantly invest in the exceptional technology to provide our clients with accurate results and a comfortable experience.



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