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Well Person Health Screening

St Thomas Hospital offers customised Well Person Health Screenings, an all-encompassing approach to preventive healthcare. Safeguard your health with regular, personalised check-ups in a forward looking medical institution.

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A Step Towards Proactive Health Management.

With our Well Person Health Screening, gain insights into your health status and potential risks. We help you take preemptive action towards a healthier life.


A Lifelong Commitment to Health

Regular health screenings are the cornerstone of preventive healthcare. Overseen by one of Malta’s most experienced physicians, the annual program is designed to account for your age, sex, and lifestyle and allows for proactive health management.

By overseeing your health journey over time, we can track changes over time, identify any potential risks and manage them before they escalate. This continuous year-on-year monitoring empowers you to live your healthiest life.

Our Well Person Health Screening goes beyond a simple check-up. We take into account your family history, lifestyle, age and sex-related risk factors, and more, for a comprehensive health assessment. If something changes over time, we will guide you for further specialist assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Well Person Health Screening

What does the Well Person Health Screening entail?

Our Well Person Health Screening is a comprehensive evaluation that includes blood tests, physical examination, lifestyle assessment, and more specific tests like ultrasounds and mammograms, as required. Your test results are reviewed in detail and compared to past feedback or follow up tests will be suggested.

Is the screening tailored according to individual health factors?

Yes, the screening is personalized to take into account your age, sex, family history, and lifestyle.

How often should I get a Well Person Health Screening?

The frequency of screenings can vary based on individual health and risk factors. However, we generally recommend annual screenings for most adults.

Why is it necessary to have regular check-ups?

Regular check-ups help in the early detection of potential health issues, allowing for timely intervention. They also facilitate the tracking of your health progress over time.

Will my screening results be confidential?

Absolutely. At St Thomas Hospital, we respect your privacy. All your health data and screening results are kept strictly confidential.

What happens after the screening?

Post-screening, you will have a consultation with our healthcare professional to discuss the results and provide you with a picture of how your health is progressing over time and any potential next steps in your health journey.

Why choose St Thomas ?

We operate with the highest standards in preventive care, employing a team of expert physicians dedicated to the care of a very small number of patients, allowing us to focus more on you. We constantly invest in the latest technologies to provide our doctors with exceptional  investigative tools and provide our clients a comfortable experience.

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