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Work Permit Health Screening

Ensure a smooth work permit application and renewal process with our Work Permit Health Screening services at St Thomas Hospital. We assist in all the necessary health checks required for your work permit.

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Streamlined health screenings.

Our comprehensive and efficient health screenings ensure you meet all the necessary health requirements for your work permit, saving you time and hassle while keeping you safe.


Navigate your Work Permit Health Screening Easily Swiftly.

The health requirements for work permits can be complex and varied, depending on your job role, previous employment history, and country of origin.

At St Thomas Hospital, we provide a comprehensive and streamlined service that ensures you meet all the necessary requirements, whether you’re applying for the first time, renewing your work permit, changing jobs, or changing employers.

With St Thomas Hospital’s long standing Work Permit Health Screening service, you’ll gain a clear understanding of your needs and meet all necessary requirements, including vaccinations and medical examinations, X-rays and blood tests, all under one roof.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Work Permit Health Screening

What are the requirements for a first-time work permit application?

First-time work permit applicants must undergo health screenings which include vaccinations and medical examinations. They must also keep copies of their Medical Reports and Vaccination cards for future reference.

What about the renewal of work permits?

For the renewal of work permits, all employees are required to undergo one health screening one year after they first apply for a work permit. The required vaccinations should be completed prior to renewal.

What happens when I change jobs?

If an employee is changing jobs, they may still need to reapply for a new work permit and additional investigations might be required depending on the nature of the new employment.

What about when changing employers?

If you are changing employers, you must apply for a new work permit. Certain conditions and documentation are required for this process.

Are there certain vaccinations required for certain jobs?

Yes, certain jobs require specific vaccinations. For example, jobs in healthcare and beauty therapy require immunity against Measles. Immunity against Polio and Diphtheria is required for all employees.

Is a Covid-19 vaccination certificate required?

A Covid-19 vaccination certificate may be required for some applicants due to the nature of their job.

Why choose St Thomas ?

At St Thomas Hospital, we’ve been providing comprehensive and personalised medical services in Malta for years. We’re committed to meeting the unique health needs of every patient, including those applying for or renewing work permits. Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to help you navigate the health requirements for your work permit, ensuring your compliance and maintaining your well-being.

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