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Pain Management

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Pain Management

Your journey to a pain-free life starts here

Discover our comprehensive Pain Management services at St Thomas Hospital

Pain Management services at St Thomas Hospital provide specialised, patient-focused treatments designed to alleviate chronic and acute pain, helping you regain comfort and quality of life.

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Our pain management Solutions

We offer a wide range of advanced pain management treatments, ensuring personalised care for every individual’s unique needs.

Facet Joint Injections

Relieve spinal pain with our Facet Joint Injections, a targeted, image guided therapy aimed at reducing inflammation and discomfort in your facet joints.

Epidural for Pain Management

Our epidurals provide effective pain relief for both chronic and acute conditions, fostering improved mobility and enhanced wellbeing.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Enhance your body’s healing abilities with Platelet-Rich Plasma treatments, using your body’s own cells to accelerate recovery and reduce pain.

Steroid Injections for Joint Pain

Steroid injections offer powerful relief for joint pain, reducing inflammation and enabling increased flexibility and comfort.


An empowering approach to pain relief

Our Pain Management service offering prioritises your comfort and empowerment, combining advanced treatments with compassionate care to create a supportive healing environment.

Wave goodbye to pain, say hello to freedom.

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Your questions, answered

What are facet joint injections?

These injections contain a mixture of a numbing agent and a corticosteroid, administered into the facet joints to reduce pain and inflammation under image guidance. They can provide lasting back pain relief.

What conditions can an epidural help with?

Epidurals can manage various types of pain, including lower back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, and conditions causing nerve root irritation.

Are steroid injections safe for all types of joint pain?

Steroid injections are generally safe and have been considered so for a very long time. Our specialists will evaluate your specific condition to determine the best course of treatment.

How does Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment work?

PRP uses a sample of your own blood, concentrated with platelets to promote healing in the affected area, reducing pain and accelerating recovery. It is a simple outpatient procedure which does not require you being admitted to the hospital.

Will I need more than one treatment session?

The number of sessions varies for each patient and depends on the nature and severity of the pain. Some people have a stronger, longer lasting response than others, which creates this variability. Our team will provide you with a treatment plan which is suited to your needs.

Can I return to my normal activities after these treatments?

Most patients can resume their activities the next day, but our doctor will provide individualised instructions based on your treatment and condition.

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